Finding heart …a journey of self discovery and healing

So, we’ve heard it all before, “just follow your heart and you will be happy.”

But in today’s ever busy, overpopulated, over marketed, anxiety ridden world, it is hard to clear away the clutter created by big corporations that are being driven by subliminal marketing madness, greed and money.  How do we fish through a sea of infrared signals in hope of rooting our feet deeply within Mother Earth, grounding and finding heart?

Our heart.  Our unique heart.  Our centre of true happiness, gratitude and infinite Love.  Our own sacred space, if in which we were connected, our days spent here on Earth would be guaranteed to be filled with endless amounts of soul tingling, abundant, radiating, happiness.

Sounds like a dream doesn’t it?  But a ‘bliss filled’ life does not have to be an unachievable dream.

Let’s create this lifestyle together!

Let’s confront our fears, tame our egos and search deep within our hearts, peeling away each layer, layer by layer.  To bring forth our true essence of self.

Let’s allow our hearts to shine and begin living the lives we know we are here to live!

Let’s do this together!

This is a journey of finding your unique heart and learning to listen to and follow its wisdom.

Namaste…may you find divine inspiration!



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