Let go of the past in-order to, “embrace the Now”…

When confronted with challenges in life, face your fears head on. Look deep into the eyes of your fears and let them know you are not scared. Let them know you are strong enough to get through these times and see them as only a pebble on your life’s path of happiness.

Sometimes fears present themselves as challenges that have arisen through your own hidden insecurities. Feelings of not being good enough, of not being smart enough, of not being worthy of happiness or worthy of success all come from a deep place within where you feel not worthy of the gifts of life.

Fear presents itself and it is here where you say you are scared of something and as a result you push your happiness away.

Okay, okay, maybe you are not scared of something but your body language says otherwise.

You start smoking more than usual, you’re drinking more than usual, your taking drugs and forgetting about things for a few days, or you’re eating more junk food than usual. Whatever it is you decide to do, you are preventing yourself from grasping your happiness now!

It is not the object you are scared of but the fear of failing that you are truly scared of.

We need to look at life differently. We need to really understand that all we have is the now. Like now, oh it’s gone, now, oh its gone, now now this very moment – we cannot go back into the past – ever – we cannot change situations of the past. We need to truly learn to let go. Stop being victim of past hurts and failures and pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and allow ourselves to be open and receptive to the wonderful gifts of life!

Be strong, be confident, be persistent and patient. Practise believing in yourself.

Practice makes perfect!

Namaste…may you be able to feel your gifts and have the courage to bring them to the world!



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