“Hey!! they’ve all started and they’re not even perfect yet!!”….

If your waiting to be perfect before you start living your purpose, you may be waiting forever…because humans are imperfect and that is the beauty of being human.

So, what’s your talent?  Your purpose?  The thing that you do where it seems as though nothing else in life matters, (for that second/minute/hour), that you allow yourself to be captivated by the moment and permit your heart to shine?  What brings you happiness?  What brings your mind (emotions), body (physical), and soul (essence of you) into alignment??

Start now!!  As the famous, Mastin Kipp @ the daily love would say, “Start before you are ready!  Feel your fear and choose to walk through it anyway!!”

Don’t be scared to bring your brightness into the world, feel thankful that you have this talent and grant yourself permission to feel happiness Now!

Get addicted to the feelings of making your self happy and chase that endless path of happiness!  Get addicted to the feelings of living in your purpose.  Turn your dreams into reality.  You see that others around you are doing it…so why don’t you??

Step into your power…be confident and courageous…show your gifts to the Universe and notice the doorways of opportunity open to you!

Namaste…may the fire in your belly excite you to turn your dreams into your reality!!


(want to hear more wise words from Mastin Kipp – check him out at http://thedailylove.com/)


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