Remembering to give thanks!

The act of giving thanks is one of the most important rituals to create within your life and I encourage you to start now!  Giving thanks to the Universe shows the Universe that you are grateful for the gifts that it has sent your way, (no matter how big or small they seem to be).  Giving thanks keeps you open and receptive to receiving abundance and blessings!  

At the end of everyday I love to give thanks for the gifts I have been provided with that day.

(“But I don’t have anything to be grateful for…nothing good ever happens to me…”)

If you catch yourself with thoughts like these I’d like to share with you some Universal Laws.

  1. The Law of Karma – what goes around comes around – what you send out, you will receive
  2. Positive attracts positive
  3. Negative attracts negative

I encourage you to open your eyes and take a big look around.

We were born into this life with a purpose, with a very important part to play in the, “Harmony of the Universe.”  Everything you need to survive is provided for you by nature, (you will not die without your IPhone but you will die without food and water). 

To be able to manifest abundance from the Universe, you MUST start a daily practice of giving thanks.

Take a moment to look to the sky, breathe in deeply through the nose and as you exhale, thank the Universe for all of the gifts you have received today.  Be grateful for the times you’ve spent with family, your kids, your loved ones, even if this time has felt madly chaotic, be grateful that you have a family that’s functional enough to act dysfunctional at times!  Be grateful for the times you’ve shared with friends, even if they have driven you around the bend, see this as a blessing that you have a gift that they love to receive!  Be thankful for that divine sparkle you received from the twinkle in the eyes of another!  Be thankful for having solitude, where you were able to be your own best friend and decided to take some quality time for ‘me’.   Be thankful for being able to smile, laugh and cry, humans have the ability to be emotion-ful and it’s from these spaces that our best creativity can occur!!

When the Universe hears your thanks, it recognises that you are aware and says:

“Hey they can see me sending them gifts, I’m going to send them more!  I love making people happy.  They love to look at me and give me thanks, I love, love, love  to look at them and give them thanks!”

Become thankful in your life for the blessings you receive, no matter how big or small they appear to be.  Sometimes the smallest gifts like a smile or words of thanks, can turn one of your worst days into one of your best days.

I encourage you to practise giving thanks at the end of a day and watch the Universal magick unfold!!

Namaste…may you be filled with gratitude!!



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