What if the Universe has already given you all of the gifts you need, in order to live your most happiest life?

Part I.

Yes!  That’s right peeps!!  We are going to test this theory out.

Are you willing to look deep inside yourself, throw all of your insecurities aside and truly feel, see, sense the magnificence of your own beauty?

Are you willing to confront your insecurities, gaff tape your ego, kick your self-doubt to the kerb and let the power within you resonate and shine?  Shine sooo brightly the sun will need to be wearing sunglasses!!

We are all individual, we are all uniquely beautiful.  Start to practise love and appreciation for your own Uniqueness!

We were all born into this world with a unique gift to help the Universe shine.  What are your gifts?

Okay, let’s start small…with baby steps…(never be afraid to take baby steps)…think back to when you were little, (before ego and fear got stuck in your way), what was one thing that you really loved doing?   The one thing that you could do over and over again and it would continue to fill your heart with joy?  Don’t be scared, don’t judge, don’t criticize or doubt yourself.  There is no room for judgment here.

If you are having trouble thinking of what your gifts were, feel into them a little deeper.  Close your eyes, breathe deeply, slow the mind, know the Universe is here for you and allow the journey of self-discovery to unfold.

Think back, what was something that filled your heart with joy?  Was it drawing?  Was it painting?   Was it going to the theatre and losing yourself in a world of make believe?  Was it dancing to your favourite songs?  Was it playing a musical instrument?  Was it acrobatics?  Was it using your imagination and playing outside all day?  Was it visiting the ocean or camping in the bush?  Was it getting your hands dirty by digging in the garden?  Was it magick and the allure of magick tricks?  Was it  team sports?  Was it stretching?  Was it writing or maths or making new friends?  Was it dressing up and acting like your favourite super hero?  Was it cooking and helping your Nana in the kitchen?  Maybe it was homework?  Maybe it was laughing and giggling endlessly?  Maybe it was reading stories or telling jokes?

Whatever it is that you discover brought you much happiness, this is unique to you, hold onto it…write it down and don’t forget it!

This is a key to the finding your soul/spirit/the true essence of You!

Namaste…may you rekindle your passions and receive your gifts of infinite happiness!!



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