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Book Review: Breathe, Bend, Blossom – author Michelle Merrifield

What a truly beautiful insight into the life enhancing practice of yoga and how to incorporate the softness of yogi/yoginni philosophies into everyday life.

Within this book you will be inspired to live healthily and see for yourself  how learning to breathe efficiently and stretch through stressful times can help you live happier, more fulfilled, more flexible lives.  Michelle encourages readers to Breathe, Bend and Blossom into their own magnificence by introducing ancient yogi/yoginni philosophies and guides you, in a way that only she knows how, to best be able to relate these philosophies daily throughout life!

When this book was released, I immediately bought it, in hope of catching a snippet of  my incredibly inspiring Yoga teachers life.

Within the pages of Breathe, Bend, Blossom you will sense Michelle’s vulnerability as you learn of the insecurities she too had when first starting out the practice of Yoga, which adds to an epic human tale of treating yourself kindly and never giving up on yourself or on your dreams!

Thank-you Michelle for this truly enlightening read!!

Namaste…need I say more!


Note: if you would like to find more out about where to buy this book you can visit Michelle Merriefield’s site at:

or be inspired by her on YouTube:


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