Are you looking deep within…are you taking rest when you need it?

The past week has seen an eclipse, a message from the Universe to embrace the darkness…we must appreciate this darkness for without it we would not be able to recognise the feelings of brightness that the light brings to us.

We have been guided to look within and send Love energy to the places inside ourselves that need mending.

Close your eyes for a few minutes and breath deeply, feel the rhythm of your breath, coming in through the nose and out through the nose.  Try to make your outward breath longer than your inward breath, (breathe in for 4 seconds and breathe out for 8 seconds).  As you exhale, notice the sensations that focussing on the breath can bring.

Now look within.  Close your eyes and sense the parts of your body that need your love and attention.

Use your minds eye to discover parts of yourself that need your energy.

Visualize a healing white light encircling you for protection.

Now see a beautiful pink light shoot down from the sky and enter your body through the crown of your head.  Send this pink healing light to your areas of darkness.  Into your areas that need your healing the most.  

This pink light brings the energy of Love and Self Love.  It can nurture and support you when you need it the most.  It revitalises your senses and fills you up to the brim with feel good sensations.  It makes you open and receptive to Love.

Know that you deserve Love.  You are a being of Love.  You deserve You, to love You, this lifetime!!

To be able to see your Gifts/Purpose/your Universal path to walk, you must cleanse the areas of your insides…so that your heart can shine brightly!!

You must also take rest when you need rest.  Honour your body by resting when you are tired.  Resting helps you re-energise and revitalise.  Resting can help You connect with You!!

The eclipse has asked us to go within, send Love energy within and honour our bodies by resting…for the BEST is yet to come!!

Namaste…may you focus intently on filling your body with feelings of LOVE!!



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