The University of Life…no grade points necessary…you are all free to join!!

They say that their is a teacher in all things.  That we, when we learn to look beyond the physical, are all a mirror image of each other.  That when you look into the eyes of another, you too, have the ability to feel their emotion…you can feel/see/sense their emotion because somewhere deep inside you, you have been there too.

We, as humans, have the ability to swim to the depths of our emotions.

Can your eyes display softness?  Can you look with love and empathy, into the eyes of another and find heart in knowing that we are all one?

Can you put aside all physical differences and deepen your existence by connecting through heart?

Can you practise sending the vibrations of unconditional love and empathy, instead of judgement which is fuelled by Ego?

Can you feel/see/sense that when another is showing their human-ness that this can offer you both an instantaneous healing?  As they have been free to display their human-ness, you have been free to connect, heal, clear space and make way for more beautiful things to come, when that ‘spark inside’ triggers you to realize that you too have been there before.

By creating a daily practice of non-judgement and practising to look with love and empathy, parts of your heart space are able to unravel and heal, as you discover that you are not alone in your human-ness.

By choosing to see Life as a Teacher and by actively choosing to see the teacher in all things, we are immediately invited to join the University of Life.  It is here that you are free to feel/see/sense that you are never alone.  It is here that you are offered healing and can become open to your next learnings.

It is here that you can deepen your sense of existence as you learn to walk with those who have walked before you.  

Namaste…we are all students throughout this magickal journey of life!!



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