What if the Universe has already given you all of the gifts you need, in order to live your most happiest life?

Part II

(a handy hint – you may need to go back and read Part I first, to ensure you get the BEST from this article)

So, you’ve recognized your gift, (or perhaps you’ve been able to recognize that you have more than one!)

By recognizing your gifts you are now open to receiving endless amounts of pleasure.

The next question is, ‘How do I build a happy life?’

Yes!  That’s right – your levels of happiness depend on you!!  Scientists have proven that 50% of your happiness levels are genetic, 10% come from social status – (or in other words, the money you earn, the car you drive, the labels you wear, the mansion you live in – or don’t live in, etc) – and that leaves a whopping 40% that you have the power to build on!!  You have the power to create your most happiest life, you have the power to feel happiness EVERYDAY!!

(I will write more about happiness in another article…but for now…How to create your most Happiest Life…please read on!)

It’s time to get creative!! 

Imagine that you’re lying high on a cloud looking back on your life’s story.

(take time to really feel into this meditation – you may need a pen and paper to record your findings!)

  • What pictures do you currently see?
  • What pictures would you like to see?
  • How would you like to see yourself living your life?
  • How would you display your unique gifts to the world?
  • Does being true to your unique gifts make you feel happy?
  • Are you smiling?
  • Does the power of your smile reach you high up on the cloud you are lying on?
  • Does it nearly knock you off that cloud?? (just kidding – but maybe it is that powerful!)

Now, how to turn this unique gift into reality?

It takes daily belief in self, determination, dedication, persistence and courage to follow your heart and bathe in the glory of your spirit walking, your true essence in motion, living the life you know you are here to live.

How to enjoy intense states of pleasure?

Start NOW!!

  • Become your own best friend, treat yourself with love and you will automatically begin to treat others with love.
  • Dedicate 10-20 mins a day to doing something that you truly love…something that makes you feel happy…something that connects you to your heart and aligns you with the Universe!
  • Don’t give up on yourself.
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Practise forgiveness.
  • Practise loving your own uniqueness and watch the universe around you unfold!

Have a day of play today and become aware of how this makes you feel…record it, journal it, jot it down…or feel free to leave a comment below!!

Namaste beautiful people…may you be inspired to let your inner light shine!!



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