Look to the horizon for opportunity…welcoming 2013!!

As twenty twelve draws to an end, it is now time to fully embrace transformation, embrace the new era of humanity.

We are being pushed by the Universe to Open our hearts fully to giving and receiving Love.  Giving without expecting anything in return and Receiving with full awareness and acceptance that you truly deserve it because you are beautiful and unique and you are worthy of the manifestation of Love!

Open your awareness to the Cycles of Life…to endings and beginnings…to beginnings and endings…remind yourselves often of the old Tibetan saying, “And this too shall pass”, try not to get caught up in the chaos of life, breathe deeply and know that this moment won’t last forever…and this too shall pass.

Tread lightly and leave little footprints in the hearts of many souls travelling the same journey.

Speak with kindness and see with softness.

Open your awareness to your body as your temple.

Imagine stepping into your Authentic Self and leading without a title…you have the power to touch many hearts this way and positively impact the lives of many for generations to come.

It is a new era for humanity, let us embrace transformation together!!

Namaste…happy New Years Eve beautiful people!!





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