Why not try loving exactly where you are right now!!

It seems that in the Western world, from the moment we are born, we are born into a mad race to achieve, to become more than we are, to gain material possessions, to reach certain milestones by certain ages.

  • to finish schooling by 17
  • to have a gap year at 18
  • to finish uni by 22 – (28 at the latest!!)
  • to have $$ in the bank by 21
  • to travel the world by 23
  • to have a career by 26
  • to have a deposit on a house by 28
  • to be married by 30
  • and if kids haven’t happened yet – to have kids by 32!!


…and what if in the pursuit of achieving these goals, life gets in the way??

Before you know it you are 31…how well have you enjoyed your journey??

In the Western world we are schooled for at least 12 years…12 years of conforming to somebody else’s agenda, 12 years of being filled with visions of becoming something more than you are right Now!

Becoming what??

…and when we have finally finished schooling, perhaps there is still 4-6yrs more years of achieving at university…in the hope of becoming more than you are right Now!

Can I ask you a question?

What is wrong with loving exactly who you are right now?  This very minute.  You!  Yes, I am talking to you!

Why do you feel you need to be more.  Wanting more is bringing you out of the Now and pushing you into a crazy world ridden with headaches, anxiety, sleepless nights and worry.

What is wrong with loving exactly where you are right now and enjoying and appreciating the gifts the Universe has provided you with Now, this very moment.  

Stand still, breathe deeply, gently close your eyes and allow the Universe to show you the gifts that you already have been given this lifetime.

Now, what is wrong with saying, “I am me and I want nothing more than to be happy, present and in the Now this lifetime”.

The Universe challenges you to step outside societies “circle of life” and enjoy the circle of life that surrounds you, Now!

Namaste…this is your life, don’t  lose sight of the life that surrounds you by chasing somebody else’s dream.



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