a letter to parents, Love from the Universe!!

Dear Mother, dear Father, dear Person caring for another precious being this lifetime,

Your children can sense when you are not happy, even if you put your strong suit on and portray that you are happy.

Children are intuitive beings and can immediately sense when you are feeling uneasy or feeling not quite right.

Become aware of the effects of your energy on another being…are you feeling low on the inside??  Open your eyes wide and take a look around…are your children misbehaving, grabbing for your attention, crying endlessly, sleeping more than usual, acting not quite themselves??

Try loving yourself more and treating yourself to something pleasurable at least once a day!!

If you are feeling depleted here are some simple things you can do daily to ensure your inner happiness levels are topped up:


  • meditate, meditate, meditate!

  • yoga

  • get your daily dose of exercise and sunshine!! – walk, jog, run, swim – get your body moving for 30 minutes a day, 3-5 times a week!

(aim for 3 days a week but notice that 5 times a week feels even better!!)

  • take part in a “Tea Party”!!

You can use a “Tea Party” as a mini-meditation

  • Make yourself a cuppa tea, kick back somewhere nice – (your front patio, your decking, your balcony or your big comfy couch !)  Dedicate this time to stilling the mind and focussing on your breath as you lovingly sip your tea!  Watch your breathe come in and out of your nose – (notice the sensations within your body that a breath of fresh air can give you, is the air cooler on the way in through the nose and warmer on the way out through the nose?).  Focus your taste buds on the taste of the tea.  Open your awareness – (try to see as far as you can see and extend your hearing as far as you can hear) – but try not to let the mind label anything you see or hear!  Focus on the breath to still the mind, sip your tea and enjoy!


So, to keep this letter short and sweet, here are 4 things you can do daily to ensure your happiness levels are topped up, so that you can be there – (present, in the now) – for the little energetic beings you adore and love!!

Namaste beautiful people…by focussing on lifting your own energy, the energy of those around you will automatically lift also!!


P.S.  The YouTube clips  provided are not my own – nor am I suggesting that they are miracle cures – they are intended as easy access to happiness and to use as guides only on your personal journey of health and happiness – if something doesn’t feel right to you, honour your body and don’t do it – but ensure you find something else that you Love doing!!

Weblinks to useful resources:





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