divine grace…

Friday, 1st August, 2014.

Dear Beautiful Woman,

You have walked this earth for centuries, with love and with care.

You have been chosen as the life giver to many.

You have been respected by man, you have been shunned by man.

You have buried your heart deep inside.

You have stayed connected to love and you have been able to illuminate the darkest of places.

You have given without expecting anything in return.

You have effortlessly planted many seeds of love. You have  humbly watched these seeds grow to blossom.

Your shoulders are broad. Your heart is open.

Through your eyes one can swim to the depths of your soul.

You are resilient. You are safe. You are free to allow your whole self to shine.

You are free to feel your own shimmering beauty radiate from your core.

Walk with me beautiful Woman, time is now for your soul to shine!!

Namaste…may you be graced with the presence of your own divine beauty, may your soul be free to shine this lifetime xx


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