The Finding Heart Blog is a unique journey of unravelling, unlocking and re-connecting to heart, through heart.

The inspiration for creating and writing this blog  evolved after a Vipassana Meditation experience I had, earlier this year.

(10 days of silence, 96 hrs of meditation, 1 sore body, 1 freed mind and 1 heart found!)

From this point, divine inspiration has been channelled through me, from the Universe and translated into messages for all of us to share!

May you find comfort in knowing that you are not alone and strength in knowing that you have stumbled across a sacred space that encourages you to feel into your emotions, release them and grow, from the roots up, empowering you to share your unique gifts with the world, so that you are able to find happiness and belief in self this lifetime.

“Celebrate your spirits wisdom and embrace transformation!”

The Universe has sent you a key in the mystery of finding your heart.

May you find divine healing within these pages…may this healing reach you in divine timing.

Namaste…I honour the divine spark in you, which is also the divine spark in me!



5 thoughts on “About

  1. So many people are misguided on mental illness…. They wonder how a darkness can be so consuming, through education and of course heartfelt sharing such as you have done, one by one we can all reach out and form a circle of love and respect around those that need us. Sending you all my love, blessings and a big hug right now. Xxoo

    • Thank u times a million for ur reply, Head. Ur love blessings and big hug have been received my beauty, yes ur words r true, I encourage all to open up and share in their stories of darkness as it is not until we open up and reach out for help and for ways to rise above that we can see the light – and the light is beautiful just like u!! xx ❤

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