Mental Health Week – stirring me up mentally!

There’s something about Mental Health Week that is stirring me up Mentally!! It’s got me thinking and i’m really moved by all of those brave enough to open up and share their own personal stories of living with or living through mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, bi-polar, eating disorders and chemical imbalances in […]

divine grace…

Friday, 1st August, 2014. Dear Beautiful Woman, You have walked this earth for centuries, with love and with care. You have been chosen as the life giver to many. You have been respected by man, you have been shunned by man. You have buried your heart deep inside. You have stayed connected to love and […]

The power of your words…

Holding back your voice is like closing the door on your heart and on your intuition. Pass thanks on to those who have served you and helped you to move forward this life. By honoring, acknowledging and speaking your voice, you can help others to move through their blocks and liberate them to freedom of […]

a letter to parents, Love from the Universe!!

Dear Mother, dear Father, dear Person caring for another precious being this lifetime, Your children can sense when you are not happy, even if you put your strong suit on and portray that you are happy. Children are intuitive beings and can immediately sense when you are feeling uneasy or feeling not quite right. Become […]